Paris, UNESCO - DECLARIATIONToday is an important day.

This is the day when a State with a surface area of over 16.000.000 square kilometers is finally recognized.

The veil of hypocrisy concealing a reality that no one wanted to see is finally lifted.

The time has come

for the whole world to know

that there is a Nation out there,

entirely made of objects that each and everyone of us has abandoned because they weren’t important.

Each and everyone of us has participated in the shaping of this reality,

made of bottles used only once before being disposed of,

lighters abandoned in the street,

rubber sandals forgotten on the beach,

plastic glasses and plastic plates thrown away.

But where is away?

This is the away state,

a Nation in which every single piece that composes it once belonged to one of us.

It took us 60 years to build it.

In 60 years,

we managed to produce a conglomerate of 16.000.000 square kilometers,

composed of 5 large islands.

We managed to change the geography of Earth.

And today,

unable to hide this reality from ourselves any longer,

we recognize it as a Federal State.

Today, on April 11th 2013,

I proclaim the Federal State of


Paris, Maison UNESCO

salle des pas perdus